Early morning wanderings

I am up way too early this morning. I got up because of coughing (I’m much better, actually), and to get a sip of water. Then . . . I remembered that I had washed Seth’s football jersey, pants, and pads, but hadn’t gotten them out to air dry before going to bed. “OK,” I thought. “I’ll just quickly do that.”

First, though, I needed to fold the load of laundry that was occupying the drier.

Then I thought about what an overwhelmingly busy day this day promises to be, so I thought, “I’ll quickly check my email.”

Of course, that led to checking my Facebook account, and how my (Lil) Green Patch was doing and if anyone had stolen my rainbow. Indeed, my rainbow was missing. First I needed to stock up on virtual gardening supplies before embarking on the quest for my rainbow. Thankfully, it was quickly found.

Since I was online (for just a few moments), I quickly checked Google Reader as well, and read what a few friends had just published on their blogs. One friend’s post reminded me that I want to do a Thursday 13 post today; she already had hers up in the wee hours of the morning! So, I started a post, but it ended up too serious for my liking. I saved it, but decided not to publish.

I need to be up for the day in 30 minutes. First, though, I’m posting this silly account of what I did, and kept doing, when I should have been sleeping the past hour.

Hope you all have a good day, and that you got plenty of rest during the night.

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