Enemies to Accomplishment

I’m still thinking about making the most of our time while we are here on earth.

The Lord tells us many times in His Word that He expects us to DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE during our earthly sojourn. In the parable of the ten talents in Matthew 25:14-30, the Lord Jesus tells us that the servant was wicked and slothful (verse 26) who took the one talent given to him by the Master and merely hid it in the ground.

Like the servants in this parable, we too have been given talents by the Lord. We too must grow these talents. What are some enemies to developing our talents in a godly, productive manner? These come to my mind:

  1. Not thinking about life. A lack of knowing ourselves, our talents, and our calling contributes to an unproductive life.
  2. Distractibility; lack of focus
  3. Self-indulgence and laziness
  4. Lack of practice and perseverance
  5. Lack of a goal; just letting life happen each day. It is a common saying, If you aim at nothing, you will hit it.
  6. Entertaining a negative attitude of discouragement
  7. Not even trying
  8. Embracing the false idea that I must be good at everything, resulting in either ineffectual, scattered efforts, or despondency that this is not the case
  9. Flitting mindlessly from activity to activity as each presents itself.
  10. Discounting and devaluing that which has been accomplished thus far, which contributes to discouragement
  11. Mindlessly or compulsively following a routine, such as cleaning a room at a scheduled time, even if it is still clean. Activity in and of itself is not virtuous, but mindful, appropriate, profitable activity is valuable.
  12. Capitulating to social pressure to be or to do what I should not or cannot be or do. For example, a hard-working wife and mother may sometimes feel guilty that she isn’t simultaneously pursuing a dynamic career, doing volunteer work, and attending an institution of higher education full-time.
  13. Procrastinating by carefully and busily doing many things of lesser importance, while somehow never getting to the more important things which must and should be done

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