My children introduced me to a new way to network, called Facebook.

The first step in using Facebook is to complete your profile and decide on your privacy settings. You choose to complete sections such as Interests, Favorite Books, Favorite Quotes, Activities, etc.

It’s important to join whatever Networks you are part of. For example, many schools, universities and large employers have their own Facebook networks. I ended up joining the network for my community. It’s easier to interact with others who are in the same network as you.

There are also special interest groups within Facebook which one can join. Once you join a group, you are able to participate in discussions on that group, and interact with others in the group.

For those worried about privacy, please be assured that you are the one who decides who knows the most about you, by selecting those you choose as Friends.

One thing I enjoy doing is sending Gifts to my friends, for special occasions or just for fun. A gift is a colorful clip-art-type icon which you purchase for a nominal amount, the proceeds of which go to a charity.

This is a great way to stay in touch with friends, learn more about old friends, and make new friends. 😀images1.jpgfacebook-logo.jpg

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