Family Worship

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I’ve mentioned previously how much I enjoy the writing of Richard Phillips. He often contributes to blog posts on a site called Reformation 21. Today I read one of his posts on family worship. Here is a short quote from that post:

What is family worship? Family worship is the gathering of the father, mother, and children to worship God in the home. It involves two essential elements: the reading and teaching of God’s Word and prayer. It is also good for the family to sing together. Our family begins with a short prayer, after which we sing a psalm together (we use the Trinity Psalter). Next is a time of family Bible study in which I teach, allowing questions and discussion (presently, we are working through Acts). I have often been thrilled by the insightful questions asked by my children, which shows they really think about biblical things (and really are learning in Cat Kids and Sunday School!). After the Bible lesson, we pray together, with every member of the family participating. At the very end, we stand together, hold hands, and sing with the Doxology.

As a family, we have consistently engaged in family worship throughout our life together as a family. Like the Phillips family, we find this is a perfect time to discuss life issues in light of what God teaches us in His word. This is the time when we memorize the faithful catechisms of the Christian faith. This is the time when we answer doubts and questions of family members.

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  1. kerri says:

    Family worship can be kind of a struggle for us, finding things that both a 16 year old and a 5 year old can take part-but they all do enjoy the singing, at least. 🙂