Five projects on which I am currently working

The prompt this week for Give Me Five Monday
is: What are five projects I am working on right now?

  1. Today was my first day back to school for orientation. I will be working with two sixth grade math classes, and one eighth grade language arts class. My project, as a para educator, will be getting to know the students, and learning how best to help these particular students with the questions and challenges they may have.
  2. My girls and I are preparing the basement suite for company. This very special company is our married daughter, her husband, and our two dear, darling grandchildren. We are the first stop on their relocation from Vermont to the Pacific Northwest! Happy days!
  3. I am taking stock of my repertoire of quick and easy, yet delicious dinners. I plan to utilize our crock pot quite a bit in the upcoming school year. What with working part time, and going to my young’ns sport competitions, time for cooking is often in short supply during the school year.
  4. I need to take my 83 year old mother out to purchase comfortable shoes. This is a monumental project. It took one year to find acceptable socks. On the bright side, this will be like a treasure hunt.
  5. We want to put on a really nice barbeque for our daughter Sarah and her fiancé Justin prior to their marriage. This will be fun.

How about you? If you would like to participate in Give Me Five Monday,
just post your five projects “to do” on your blog, then sign Mr. Linky back at Becca’s Buzz


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