For the cat lovers among us

My friend Marmee commented on my last post, which included a poem which mentioned a mouse and its plans. She was reminded of a poem by B. Kliban which goes something like this:

Love to eat them mousies,
Mousies what I love to eat,
Bite they little heads off,
Nibble on they tiny feet

I think of cats as being so sleek and genteel, so this poem struck my funny bone, in a startling kind of way. 😛

2 Responses to “For the cat lovers among us”

  1. Marmee says:

    I thought you’d get a kick out of my favorite little cat and mouse poem. Now if you could only see the cat graphic that goes with it. Picture a very large cat, sitting on a bar stool, strumming a guitar, singing this little poem, which are actually lyrics. I wish I had the for-thought years ago to acquire one of these. I looked on ebay and there are none to be had. Bummer!

  2. mrs darling says:

    That is truly a funny poem. I am not a cat lover at all1 🙁 But the poem is funny! 🙂