Found some new blogs to read!

As I was making my way through new blog posts on my Google Reader, I came to Tim Challies’ blog, Challies Dot Com. Under his A La Carte listings he recommended a post by Rev. Colin Adams on the blog Unashamed Workman. I really enjoyed the post, Ten Commandments for Our Day of Rest, and decided to subscribe to the blog.

Next I noticed that great online resources were listed on the sidebar, causing my enthusiasm to grow. This is something I can return to in the future! Next, I checked out the blog which Rev. Adams’ wife authors with two other pastors’ wives, titus2talk, and found that here was another blog to which I just HAD to subscribe! I do so enjoy hearing what other Christian ladies have to say, both in person and via blog.

My Google Reader is getting a bit crowded (I subscribe to 47 blogs at present). Thankfully not all writers publish daily (although some publish as many as five times daily!), so I haven’t had to cut down yet. I am thankful for this wonderful way to connect with others. I have been informed, challenged and edified. I have more interesting and varied topics of conversation with my husband and children, too, thanks to those whose blogs I read.

This morning was truly one of serendipity: the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Now, I must return to the here and now: There are dishes to wash, a house to vacuum, a math meeting to attend at the Middle School, bread to bake, a dinner to plan, etc. Have a good day, my dear blog friends!

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