Freedom in free verse

The prompt for writing this week at One Single Impression is FREEDOM:

There are so many freedoms for which I am thankful:

Political freedom, representative government, no martial law.

Freedom of the press, various opinions can be expressed.

Freedom of movement; I have the strength to move and work, to use my senses.

Freedom of healthy relationships within the home, love and care, not oppression.

The freedom I value most is spiritual freedom, the desire and ability to do what’s right, a heart that loves God and loves His people.

But, then I get to thinking:

There are people in this country, in this land of liberty,

Who have no freedom, not even the freedom to live.

These are the unwanted babies,

Who are culled like rotten fruit from the wombs of those who wanted sex, not a baby, by doctors willing to call murder a procedure.

This is a hidden holocaust, not a freedom.

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