Friday Recap

Today was a lovely day.

This morning was a rush, as it was my first day back to work at the Middle School since Winter Break. I was so hoping that we would receive a veritable dump of snow so that school would be cancelled and we could continue to enjoy our days, wide open with possibilities, and less full of structure. But, that is spoiled of me. It was great being back at school, dialoguing with students about their math thinking, and giving their thinking little pokes now and again.

After a quick, late lunch at home with Rick, I was off again to pick up Rebecca and Debra from the high school. Reb had an appointment to have the post-wisdom-teeth-removal stitches removed. Debra wanted to be dropped off at the library, which was on the way. Afterwards we three gals enjoyed a rare treat, stopping at Woods Coffee (think local version of Starbucks). My current favorite is a seasonal drink called a Brown Sugar Macchiato. We swung by the school where Lydia was finishing up basketball practice, and brought her and a team mate home. Then I threw together a quick dinner, using the last of the slow cooker barbecued beef to make a Spanish rice dish, topped with shredded Cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa, with tortilla chips on the side.

A short time after dinner, Rick, Reb and Seth headed off to the high school to cheer on the boys’ basketball team. As they left, Rick said I should try to pre-write about five blog posts to increase my efficiency! Funny guy! I have to have an idea or an inspiration or something funny has to happen or someone in the family has to take photos before I can blog. To oblige him, however, I am sitting here, telling you what I did today, which is NOT AT ALL my usual style.

A short while ago I noticed some headlights shining through the blinds behind me, and, sure enough, it was Kayla coming home for the weekend. I believe this was her first day back to work too after the break. This evening she and her roommates had a sushi party at their place, and then she headed home. Upon her arrival, I took a little break from reading email, reading blogs, and typing this little entry, to make us a pot of decaf. So warm and comforting on a windy, chilly evening! Now I hear cards being shuffled, which I think means that Lydia and Kayla are getting ready to play Skip-Bo. I want to play, too! So, I bid you Adieu! Have a good evening.

2 Responses to “Friday Recap”

  1. Laura says:

    Good post, Mom 🙂

    You should do this more often!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Sweetie. 🙂