From the library

Well, we still don’t have power at our place. When I took Lassie for a walk this afternoon, I saw that two new power poles were lying at the base of two poles that had been badly damaged during the wind storm. The wires were down, and obviously won’t be reconnected until the new poles are put in place. We have so many trees on our road, and when the winds really blow, a few go down, sometimes across the power lines.

Thankfully, the library down in Everson has power, so I can make my promised post. I feel so constrained, though. I don’t have any of my photos, and am unsure how to use clipart or Google Images from this public computer. I still have so much to learn!

Guess I’ll talk about not having power. What I don’t like about it is losing the perishables in the refrigerator, not being able to bake, and not being able to do the laundry. Of course, I really miss the internet.

What I like about losing power is how incredibly quiet and cozy the evenings are. We have several battery-operated camp lanterns and a few candles. These suffice for minimal light. We also have plenty of board games. Last night, Rebecca, Seth and Lydia (a team), Debra and I played Scrabble. Tonight I’m feeling so tired, so maybe I’ll curl up with a good book, which I haven’t taken the time to do for a while.

Thank you, Laura, for posting for me yesterday, and including the cute photo of Diederick.

Maybe I’ll add a little something to this post once the power comes on and I can make it a bit nicer.

Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy. Good night!

2 Responses to “From the library”

  1. kerri says:

    We had a lot of wind yesterday too and a tree branch smacked into our house. It was very loud but didn’t do any damage. I’m glad it didn’t hit a window. Lots of people lost power but, thankfully, not us. Hope yours gets back on soon!

  2. Joyce says:

    I’m glad your house and your family are all O.K.

    Our power was restored about 11:30pm yesterday. I’m catching up on the work which requires power, hopefully before the next wind storm hits. Supposedly, another one is on the way. 😛