Give Me Five Monday


My friend Storyteller of Small Reflections is participating in Give Me Five Monday which is hosted by Beccagirl of BeccA’s Buzz. I’m following her lead in doing this meme as well. 🙂 The prompt for March 10, 2008 is the one I’m choosing to do:

Name 5 ways I de-stress, relax, wind down, or kick back.

  1. I love to think of posts for my blog. I find this to be a relaxing and rewarding creative outlet. It’s also a great way to meet others who are interested in some of the same subjects and activities, such as writing Haiku poetry.
  2. Each afternoon I enjoy taking our dog for a walk. Sometimes it’s difficult to tear myself away from the computer, especially if I’m engrossed in reading or writing, but . . . I always feel so refreshed after the walk! The old doggie enjoys it, too.
  3. I also enjoy reading books, nonfiction as well as fiction. If you’re on Facebook, you can check out some of my reads on Books iRead. I enjoy writing up short reviews of my reads and posting them there as well.
  4. facebook.jpg

  5. Speaking of Facebook, I love playing Scrabulous. That doesn’t mean I’m a champion, just that I find it fun. I have a couple of friends who play their moves so quickly it’s almost like playing in person!
  6. scrabulous.jpg

  7. Uh oh. I need more space, or maybe need to do this meme again. I guess I’ll go for: I enjoy going out for a great beer and pizza at the North Fork Beer Shrine with my husband. The beer is so good, you will never want store-bought again. That restaurant is especially fun because Rick often meets up with old friends from his log home construction days there.

6 Responses to “Give Me Five Monday”

  1. Joyce says:

    I especially enjoy your Photo Memes; very nice.
    Yes – I admit it – computer addiction. 😛