Happy Birthday, dear Debra!

Today is our dear daughter Debra’s 18th birthday!
I have been scanning old photos for a couple of hours, taking a lovely trip down Memory Lane, since I want to include some pictures from Debra’s growing up years in a birthday post.

I realize, however, that this being her birthday also means I need to get in gear to bake a birthday cake (German Chocolate is her first choice; Plantation Cake her second.). Regular Saturday work needs to get done as well (I have been running loads of laundry in between scanning photos; does that count?). Also, we want to hear the young people from Bellevue Christian High School sing tonight in Lynden at Bethel Christian Reformed Church. That means we should be ready to leave home at about 6:30 this evening.

With all that in mind, I’ll share just a few photos with you, and then get back to work.


Here I am holding Debra when she was a few months old. I didn’t write dates on the back of pictures, so that’s the closest I can get. 😛


In this photo, Rick is holding baby Debra.


This photo of toddler Deb was taken at Grampa and Gramma Taron’s house. That’s their old Barney dog in the picture.


Debra, Laura, Sarah and Kayla with Nanny goat’s kid, Clover.


Debra is in the middle of the bottom layer of this pyramid.


Debra on one of Grampa Taron’s small sailboats.


Deb has almost always worn her hair pulled back or braided, but here you see it in its prettiness. 🙂


This photo is skipping a bunch of years, since it was taken only a couple years ago, prior to Laura and Darren’s wedding. However, I simply must get back to my domestic duties. Some of the other fun photos from the early years will have to wait for another occasion.

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