Happy Birthday, Seth!

Today, at 6:46 a.m., our youngest son (our ninth child), Seth, turned 12 years old. I dug my 1996 calendar out of storage to write down a few highlights of his early days. When Seth was born, our oldest child was 13 years old, and our youngest was 2 years old.


Seth was born when the whole family was recovering from whooping cough. Thankfully, our little newborn guy stayed well, though I see from the calendar that the rest of us stayed more or less ill the rest of March.

Rick worked building log homes back then, and I see that he worked in Leavenworth, WA a bit during the month of May, when Seth was 2 months old.

Seth rolled from his back to his tummy just before he turned 3 months old.


Philip, Rick holding Seth, Dad Taron, and Michael

When Seth was 4 months old we went to hear the National Guard Army Band play at Boulevard Park, a memorable 4th of July celebration for our young family. The calendar also tells me that Seth said his first word (“Hi!”) and had two teeth at four months old.

At the end of Seth’s 7th month, he weighed 23 pounds and had 8 teeth.


All the children with Gramma and Grampa Taron

At 10 ½ months I noted, “Seth is walking a lot!” At one year old, Seth had 11 teeth.

We got our dog, Lassie, when Seth was 17 months old. Lassie was so good with the little boy, eventually allowing him to use her as a “pillow.” You frequent blog readers know that we still have the loving doggie.

As I looked back through the calendars for 1996 and 1997, I see that I didn’t write down many baby milestones. I was homeschooling back then, and I see that lots of the notations had to do with activities, academic testing and tutoring for the other children. I also kept track of Rick’s work travels, and when major bills were due. Also, I see that keeping our tile floors scrubbed (a big project) was important to me, because I noted on the calendar when I accomplished that task each month! Even though I don’t have lots of details written down, I do remember one thing very well: I enjoyed Seth’s babyhood very much. It was a busy, busy time, and we just took our littlest guy with us wherever we needed to go.


Modern-day Seth

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Seth!”

  1. laura says:

    a very sweet post, Mom! I’ll link to you on my happy-birthday-Seth post that I wrote for today (to be posted this evening probably).
    My calendar doesn’t get enough baby things written on it either.

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Sweetie. 🙂
    I’m thankful that you’ve been writing an on-going story, though, on your blog. You will surely enjoy reading back over those entries in years to come. 🙂

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  4. Sarah says:


    i totally remember that pic we took with grandpa and grandma! weird. ohmigoodness though, seth was like a baby on speed…teeth at four months old. crazy kid.