Health Update

Here’s the update on how we’re doing:

  • Poor Biddo stayed home from school today due to the terrible tummy bug which is also an achey-breaky bug. She has such a headache and back ache and has mainly been sleeping today.
  • Rick is doing violent sneezes again. Uh oh. Sure hope I don’t get THAT. Last time it really settled in his chest.
  • Cadet-o went to school, and stayed for track practice, but came home looking miserably tired. She is such a go-getter that it’s hard to slow her down. She knows how to comfort Biddo, though, so things are happier for the poor Lydia this evening.
  • Debra is finally better, and said she had a good day at school.
  • Seth seems fine, so I’ll ask him to do the vacuuming this evening.
  • I stayed home from school and slept half the day, feel much improved, and even managed to make a simple supper for those who can eat.

So many of our friends at church have been ill, too. How about you and your family? I hope you’re keeping well.

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