How to Listen to a Sermon

There is an article in the Boundless Webzine entitled Four Habits of a Pulpit Critic by Rachel Starr Thomson. The article isn’t about being critical at all, but is more about being an active, engaged diligent listener when God’s Word is being preached. Here is an excerpt from her article:

In looking to see “what’s really there,” we shouldn’t be driven by pride or a critical spirit. Instead, eagerness to know God and seek truth should be our primary motivation. Becoming a pulpit critic shouldn’t make you a pastor’s worst nightmare, but the fulfillment of his role. We need to take what we hear seriously enough to follow it up.

Engage with the truth — though its teachers are human, it is divine, and truth only will set us free.

I found the referral to the Boundless Webzine from the ladies at titus2talk.

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