How to Raise a Pharisee

Rev. Kevin Efflandt, who pastors the Bellingham United Reformed Church, is preaching a series on the family and human relationships.
On his blog, Semper Reformanda, he mentions a lecture by Carey Hardy given at the Shepherds’ Conference entitled, “How to Raise a Pharisee”. These are 12 ways to NOT raise a child:

    1. Majoring on external instead of internal issues.
    2. Excessive control
    3. Overreacting to failure
    4. Being unforgiving and impatient
    5. Elevating preference over biblical principle
    6. Unnecessary separatism
    7. Judging others . . . other families
    8. Being “belligerent” – a fighter
    9. Favoritism
    10. No humor
    11. Building up their self-esteem
    12. Lack of genuine spirituality

If you’re interested in reading about these points in further detail, check out, the blog of Tim Challies. I found him by Googling for Carey Hardy, so don’t know anything about him, but he was present at the talk and took notes. 🙂

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