Well, I read the book through to the end, but I only did it out of a feeling of obligation that I have to almost any book that I begin reading. I didn’t really enjoy it, nor do I plan to read its sequel, Inkspell.

I thought that I would enjoy this book, since I have loved fairy tales and fantasies from my youth, and this book falls within those genres, as well as being an adventure story, I suppose. Here is the main thing I disliked. The book seemed to be one dismal, scary situation followed by another. I was told in graphic language about the cruel things the bad guys enjoyed doing to innocent people and animals. At the very end, there was an abrupt change for the better, but all the cruelty and dismal-ness of the bulk of the story still clung to me, because the things described are the things that bad guys in our world often inflict on those who have no defense.


Goodnight. I shall strive to be more positive and cheering tomorrow. 🙂

One Response to “Inkheart”

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s weird that all of us kids love Inkheart and Inkspell when we read them a couple years ago. You aren’t the only one, though, that hasn’t liked the book. Elka really didn’t enjoy Inkheart either. And that was kind of embarrassing because I had recommended it to her as I was just getting to know her.