Inverness Photos

Our visit with Rick’s dad and mom in Inverness is drawing to a close. Thanks, Dad and Mom Taron, for your hospitality! I’ve enjoyed this special time, but am so looking forward to seeing our children at home!

As you know from prior posts, Rick has been doing some repair work here for his folks. Here are some photos of the work:

repairs underway

In this photo you see work underway to repair the deck stairs and railings.

stair repairs underway

new railing

New stair railing and no more wobbly treads

new gate

A new gate at the landing, self-closing, no less! (Do you see the bungee cord?)

shell beach

There has been time for fun, too. A couple days ago Rick, Debra and I went to Shell Beach, which is quite close to here.

on the trail at shell beach

Here are Debra and Rick on the trail from the parking area to the beach.

trees at shell beach

This is the lovely forested area through which we walked down to the beach.

driftwood at shell beach

Driftwood at Shell Beach

tomales bay from a distance

Shell Beach is one of the swimming areas along Tomales Bay. This is a view of the Bay from a distance.

bishop pines

These are some Bishop Pine trees which grow in this area.

deb's new hat

Debra’s souvenir from this trip is a new hat, which has come in handy with the outings.

2 Responses to “Inverness Photos”

  1. I can’t believe how remote and deserted the beach looks. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Glad you had a good time.

  2. Kathy says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful! It must be have a great pleasure to be near such natural loveliness!

    Have a peaceful week, Kathy