Kitty ‘Kus

My husband says the text doesn’t show up properly, so here it is, without the picture:

Happiness, cat-style:
Warm earth, shady spot to nap:
Life is good; relax!

Bonny Boy is the cat-equivalent of a lovable mutt. He is so affectionate and laid back. I have never observed him being rough with anyone, even our two-year old grandson. I wrote a sonnet about Bonny Boy here.

I’m not your kitten;
You are my human, my slave.
Do my will, or else!

Gigi, however, is another story. If I don’t immediately respond to his “Meouw!”, by following him upstairs to the particular food and water bowls which he desires to have refilled, he will bite my leg, or leap up the back of my chair to claw my neck. Being the well-trained cat owner that I am, I quickly do his bidding, or grab him quickly and place him outside before he can hurt me. 😛

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