Laura and Philip – Long, long ago :)


I believe this photo was taken in the Double Ditch house when Laura was about a year and a half old and Philip was about three years old. Aren’t you both sweet? I kept you children pretty bundled up in that drafty old house. When the wind was blowing, you could feel it draft through the house, and the single-pane windows would rattle. The only heating was an old wood stove. I got really good at starting that thing and keeping it going, though most mornings your dad would start it before heading off to work at True Log Homes.

You older children (Philip, Laura and Sarah) certainly formed fond memories of your time at Double Ditch House. I remember that once we moved to our current location, I would often receive requests to “Drive by Double Ditch house, please Mama!” if we were in Lynden running errands. You would gaze at the old house fondly as I slowly drove by it. 🙂

Michael was born in Double Ditch house in June of 1986, and Kayla also was born while we lived there, in February of 1988. We moved to our Everson home when Kayla was ten months old, in December of 1988. That would mean Philip was five years old, Laura and Sarah were three years old, and Michael was two years old. Dad had been working hard after work to build us a new house. We moved into the basement of the new house, where we would remain for two more years while Dad finished off the upper two stories. But that’s another story. 🙂

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