Laura with little Seth

In this photo, Seth is about 3 years old, and Laura about 14 years old
Laura, do you remember how much Seth liked you when he was little? Even when he was a very little baby, he would be comforted if you held him, or if I lay him down near you. Isn’t that amazing? Here he is as a preschooler, still obviously very attached to you.

This picture came up as the computer “shuffled” through all the photos. I thought you might like this one, since now you are caring for your own little boy.

2 Responses to “Laura with little Seth”

  1. Laura says:

    Seth’s such a cutie 😛
    Eheh..can’t say the same for myself!
    Thanks for the pic, Mom 🙂
    Good times

  2. Heather says:

    Aunt Joyce –
    Fun picture. : ) You are welcome to link to my blog. Hope you are well.