Long time no post

Our internet service has been on-again/off-again for the past several days. I’ve barely been able to check my mail. A very sorry state indeed. So, I’ve had some ideas for posts which have come and then, sadly, gone.

Additionally, a big change has occurred in my day-to-day life. I accepted a part-time position as a paraeducator at my children’s Middle School. I am mainly responsible to support the teachers in the sixth grade math classes, by circulating among the students to answer their questions and keep them on-task. I’m very excited about this work, but I am also EXHAUSTED after my first day at work, followed by an hour and a half of orientation. Whew!

I love working diligently, no matter where I am, but being in a new setting where I yet have so much to learn before I totally fit in, really drained me emotionally. I can’t wait for work to feel normal.

Here is what I love about this job, so far:

  1. My supervisor is a special education teacher whom I have known and admired for six years. She was instrumental in aiding our daughter who has some learning issues with the great successes in the language arts that our daughter has achieved. This supervisor was also one of my instructors at the technical college when I was studying to obtain certification as a paraeducator.
  2. I’m assisting two phenomenally competent teachers as they teach math concepts to sixth grade students. Their competency helps me know how to fit in and complement the work they are doing.
  3. I know so many of the teachers, paraeducators and administrators – thus increasing the COMFORT factor – since I have volunteered at this school for the past five or six years.
  4. Two of my children attend this school, so I would be spending hours volunteering here anyhow.
  5. Things have been slowing down so much for me at home (Five of the children are grown and gone elsewhere.). The four children left at home are so helpful that I am not at all overwhelmed with work, and was spending rather too much time on the Internet. 😛 So, this job helps me to feel more useful and productive.
  6. My husband says that when I’m working I won’t be shopping!
  7. I am hopeful that doing something outside my comfort zone will promote brain growth and stave off mental decline. It might help, you know!

So, I will try to keep up with everyone’s blogs, and post on my own blog, but my main focus is going to have to be truly ministering to my family’s needs as I attempt to add this new responsibility to my life.

One Response to “Long time no post”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Mom 🙂
    I see you added that cool map thing–just so you know, I’m the Schaumburg Illinois reader, I don’t know why it doesn’t say Vermont! 😛

    Hope everything went well at church today! Darren wants to know if Lyd and Cadet are becoming members too. Maybe I’ll call ya tonight!