Major Computer Overhaul

We are a six-computer household. This isn’t as surprising as you might think, since we were (before some of the children grew up ALL OF A SUDDEN) an eleven-person household.

Up until just recently, one of the computers was the Server computer. We each had our own profiles, which we could open on any computer in the house. We could store all photos in one location, and all of us could access them. Only the Administrator of the Server (meaning one of the uber-computer-savvy members of the family) could make major changes to the system. I became accustomed to this system, and knew how to use it.

About two months ago, the Server computer died of old age. Alas, the motherboard went bad. Since then, my husband has been doing “lots of things” to my laptop, to his computer, etc. He says we will now have Workgroups rather than a Domain, and no more floating profiles. Someday we will be able to share files again.

This weekend, our oldest son, who is generous with his computer-savvy-ness, is coming home to put the finishing touches on the new system. For example, I want to be able to publish from Word again. I know that I use a WordPress template, but we have our own “space” rented from Dreamhost. I just don’t know enough to provide the proper info to set it up again. Sigh. I must be patient. I’ll try to watch my son very carefully, maybe even take notes, so that I increase my computer-savvyness quotient.

My husband succeeded in making my pictures (just the ones stored on this laptop, not all the old photos) accessible again, so I hope to do a PhotoStory Friday post later today.

Did I mention that we no longer have our little digital camera? It died a wet death when a sailboat on which it was riding went belly-up. My daughter has a nice camera, though, so I’ll borrow her pictures once in a while for the old blog.

Thanks for your patience with fewer posts, due to technical difficulties. Soon all systems should be GO!

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