More About Vacation

While on vacation, we worshiped at the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Francisco. The folks there were so welcoming, inviting us to stay for a meal after the morning worship service.

One family at the church owns and operates a horse ranch. They kindly invited us to their place on Monday, July 2nd, and proceeded to give the children horseback riding lessons. Here are some photos Rick took of that memorable occasion. 🙂


Our Debra is being introduced to the horse she will ride by Pam, the mom of the ranching family. Thank you, Pam and daughters, for the hours of instruction and the memorable experiences you gave our children!


Seth would have liked to ride, and ride, and then ride off into the sunset, uninterrupted by the others waiting for turns. He had to exercise patience, and did learn to keep his “toes out” and his “heels down”.


This is Seth’s friend Austen getting some pointers from Pam.


Rebecca on horseback. Rebecca and Lydia learned how to ride their horses comfortably while the horse is trotting. I believe this is called “posting”.


Bianca, Lydia, Rebecca, and Austen in the foreground, outside the corral.


Rebecca, Debra and Lydia.


This is what the countryside looks like around Petaluma, CA, where the ranch is located. Dry, but beautiful.

After the exciting time of horseback riding, we followed Pam and daughters to Tiburon, CA for dinner. Pam and her family are caretaking her late parents’ estate there, which was built by Pam’s maternal grandfather in the post-World War I years.


2 Responses to “More About Vacation”

  1. Laura says:

    Looks like lots of fun!

  2. Joyce says:

    It was fun, a truly memorable and eventful time. 🙂