Musical Mishap

Things are still pretty crazy at our house, due to all the extra company and activities that accompany a wedding. This is my current excuse for my sporadic posts to the old blog-ola. However, having extra people in the house also means I have more potential subjects for blogging, if I could only find the time to sit down in front of the computer!

OK. Here I am. The door is shut, and not too many people know I’m sitting here alone. I’ll just tell you this one story:

Late Friday evening, our two oldest sons arrived home for the wedding. We exchanged our usual hugs and hellos, and then our son Michael came and sat by me on the couch. He looked at me a bit askance and asked, “Mom, have you been singing to anyone who called you recently?” I looked at him like he was crazy, and he continued, “A job recruiter called here this morning, and told me you sang ‘Good Morning To You’ to her, and invited her to have some coffee!” I couldn’t think what to say to him, until I remembered that my younger sister Carol is here visiting for the wedding.

I sent one of the children looking for Carol, to ask her if she had sung to anyone on the phone. Well, earlier in the day there HAD been a call from the company where Michael has been interning, and where Philip works. Carol thought to herself, “It’s one of the boys!” Joyfully, she picked up the receiver and began singing:

Good morning to you,

Good morning to you,

We’re having our coffee;

How about you?

So, the recruiter was telling the truth. Someone at our home DID sing to her, and invite her to join us for coffee. I hope it added a bit of humor to her day.

The good news is that Michael did receive his job offer, anyhow.

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