Old photos from my mom


My mom’s dad was L.J. (Liston John) Lee, who was born in 1891 in Mississippi. In this picture, which was probably taken in 1929 or 1930, he is holding my mom, Anna May (who was born in 1925) and her brother, David (who was born in 1927). At the time this photo was taken, L.J. Lee owned a drugstore in Phoenix, Arizona, the city where both my mom and her brother were born.


This is my mom’s mom, Lucille (Robertson) Lee, who was born in 1901 in Indiana. This photo is probably from around 1945.

I will have to check with my mom to verify the accuracy of this story, but I recall being told that Lucille was working as a secretary in Phoenix. The young pharmacist, L.J. Lee, took note of the young lady, and wanted to make her acquaintance. Since there was no mutual friend to introduce them to one another, he bravely approached her one day to ask where she attended church. After she told him, he started attending there as well, that he might make her acquaintance properly.


The above photo is of Lucille Lee holding either my mom or her brother, David.

And just one more picture, of my mom and her brother riding in a car:


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  1. Lyd says:

    Wooah you’re right! those old school cars are so awesome!!