My Marvelous Mundane Morning

Good evening! I’m feeling quite guilty about not doing more frequent posts. Because of that, I’m composing this post for your perusal, recounting some moments of this ordinary yet pleasant day.

The morning began for me at 5:30am, as it usually does during the work week. I was the first one to rise, got the first pot of coffee brewing, unloaded the dishwasher, and loaded the washing machine. I rousted the first child out of bed for his shower, poured myself a cup of coffee, and checked my email. During my time online in the morning, I also checked my school email account, Facebook (to play Lexulous and care for my virtual farm), and Blue Letter Bible to read my Bible chapters and a daily devotional by Bob Hoekstra. (He is right on about God’s grace, and gives me food for thought.)

Between 6:15 and 6:30 I sounded the call for the three girls to rise and shine, so they could quickly get ready for high school, which begins at 7:45am (too early for sleep-deprived teenagers in my opinion!). This morning Reb had a pre-school Honor Society meeting, so she left early, and I took Lyd and Deb and our neighbor girl later.

Upon my return home from the high school, I spent some time chatting with my husband (face-to-face, not online!). We discussed where we might enjoy going for our wedding anniversary this July. We both favor going somewhere not too far away, yet romantic. On previous outings, we’ve enjoyed Easton, WA, Whistler, BC, Canada, and La Conner, WA. A little bed-and-breakfast sounds lovely to me!

After doing a bit more work around the house (and playing a few more moves in my word games), I was at work at the middle school from 9am until 2pm. We’re in an unsettled schedule just now, due the academic testing that began this week and will continue for the next two weeks. Whatever the schedule, though, I very much enjoy working with the students. Some of them are real characters, and all the kids with whom I work have extra learning challenges. I’ve heard that you know you’re doing the right work when that work energizes you. That’s the way I feel about working with these students. I like them. I enjoy them. I get a kick out of them. My coworkers are great, too. We have such a limited budget, but everyone gives at least 150 percent.

Now my post is too long for my comfort. I fear some may find it too long. At some other time I’ll write more about school, and more about what happens when I get home from school. It was a great day today, though. What can I say? I enjoy the little place I fill in this life.


Little wild violets in our front yard

8 Responses to “My Marvelous Mundane Morning”

  1. kathy hart says:

    Thanks for the post Joyce. Even your mundane days I enjoy reading about:)

  2. Susiej says:

    I don’t even have a facebook account! My seeds are sprouting too! It’s pretty fun.

  3. Susan B says:

    I enjoyed reading about your morning! Sounds like you love your job, and enjoy your students! Beautiful picture of the violets. Thank you for the lovely post.