On Vacation – The First Night

We left home early (think 3:30am) Monday morning to begin our road trip, eventually heading south on 101 along the Washington, Oregon and California coasts. The children have been great travelers, a combination of sleepy most of the time, and awake and engaged when it’s time to stop for interesting sights, activities or a meal.

A couple of weeks before leaving on vacation, we made a camp site reservation through Reserve America. For only $35 we were able to stay in a yurt at Beverly Beach in northern Oregon. We also had access to a clean, hot shower as well.

The yurt is a large circular hut, constructed of a wooded framework with waterproof canvas over all. There is a tall conical roof, also covered with canvas, with a skylight at the top. Inside was a bunk bed and a futon couch which converted to a double bed. A sturdy table and two chairs were also provided. We did manage to sleep eight inside, with one person on the floor and three people sleeping where two people were meant to fit. ๐Ÿ˜›

No eating or drinking is allowed inside the yurt, so Rick purchased charcoal briquettes for the fire pit, and we had roasted beef hot dogs, potato salad and Snapple juice or pop for dinner. Fittingly, the children roasted marshmallows for dessert.

I really enjoyed this modified type of camping. The fresh air and outdoor cooking were invigorating, but the hot shower and the heated, waterproof yurt were much enjoyed as well. I think this is the way we’re hoping to travel from now on. It’s much cheaper than a motel room, and much more pleasant as well!

The children or I will post some pictures soon. Toodles!

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