Only Nine Short Years Ago . . .


This photo was taken at Rick’s dad and mom’s place in Inverness, California, back in the busy days when all the children were growing up in the family home. From left to right: Rick and Joyce, Philip (15), Laura (14), Sarah (14), Michael (12), Kayla (11), Debra (9), Rebecca (7), Lydia (5) and Seth (3). (These are my estimates.)

Can you imagine the long trip from northern Washington to just north of San Francisco with this many children in a van? Somehow it worked. We packed along lots of snacks, sandwich makings, and drinks, and stopped every two or three hours to run around outside. Once we arrived at Grampa and Gramma’s, Gramma would serve us a nice hot meal, and then, after visiting for a bit, they would retire to their motor home and leave the whole house to their invading clan. 🙂

This photo, which I believe was taken during the same vacation time, includes the families of Rick’s two sisters, Kathy and DeDe, as well as our family. Our youngest child, Seth, is sitting on Grampa’s lap.

3 Responses to “Only Nine Short Years Ago . . .”

  1. Sarah says:

    I think that was the last time I saw the Wilsons.

  2. Barbara says:

    Wow! What a large family! Nice! Thanks for giving us an insight into your world.

  3. Pam says:

    What a beautiful family! I really like the picture of all the kids lined up with mom and dad!