Our Friends the Kirkmans Have Baby Number 7, Juliet Mercy

Yesterday I received the following e mail from our friend, Liz Kirkman, recounting the story of Juliet Mercy’s birth this past Monday:

Family & Friends,

Most of you have probably seen most of this already, but I thought I’d send out the links (since they seems to keep piling up). We’re front page Everett Herald today and doing a phone interview for NPR in a couple minutes here. I’m still working on the formal birth announcements, but figured I’d send out the existing stories. Don’t believe everything you read though… All the interviewers were guys, so…as you can imagine, the labor story doesn’t translate real well. This is all getting rather out of hand–we’ve even been invited to New York now for some morning talk show! Whaaaat?!!?

God is faithful & good, and…He definitely has a sense of humor. Hope you enjoy the links. Thanks so much for your prayers and love during this happy crazy time.

King 5 News video:
Here is the link to the story just about the Kirkmans.
The Seattle Times article and picture w/ all the kids…
Todays Everett Herald Story & Picture
Hope you're all well. I'd love to hear back from you. Enjoy... Oh, and PLEASE: If you would like a mailed birth announcement, please send me your mailing addresses!!!
Juliet's Momma unCertified Midwife Quote of the day: by Silas Kirkman "When I'm a gwown up man and my wife is havin the baby...I'm just gonna pawk the caw...cuz I weally like this to be famous."

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