Quiet Sunday

The house is so quiet just now. It’s possible that my husband and I are the only ones awake this Sunday afternoon. I believe he is reading a discussion on Puritan Board; I’m in his study as well, seated before the faithful computer where I do my blog posts. Old Lassie dog is snoozing on the floor between us.

I understand the subdued mood of the day. Yesterday was a busy day for the entire family, as we prepared for and hosted a young people’s game night at our home. It seemed like everyone had a great time. We surely enjoyed the evening. I loved hearing the young people laugh. There was never a dull moment, and at one point they all headed outside to play a version of hide-and-seek.

This morning we were blessed with the privilege of meeting together to hear God’s Word preached. Our pastor spoke of the necessity of Christ’s sufferings. The Lord Jesus Christ purposefully came to this earth to die as the sacrificial Lamb of God, that those who were estranged from God might be reconciled to Him. This foundational understanding precedes the joyous remembrance of His resurrection.

Soon I’ll need to roust the sleepy-heads from their quiet repose, so that they can grab a quick bite before we leave for church again. This evening will be a momentous one for Lydia, since after the evening worship service she will be interviewed by our elders for church membership. That means a late evening (and a stressful one for the dear girl, though her sister has advised her which elder is the most Daddy-ish, and thus, least stressful to be near during the interview process!)

I hope you all have been enjoying a blessed Lord’s Day as well.

2 Responses to “Quiet Sunday”

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Sweetie; I’ll tell her. Hope you have a good day, too. I’m nervous about my first real More Than Rubies post due to be written tomorrow. 😛