Ready, SET, go!

Here it is, late, time for bed, but I’m just now squeaking out a blog post. This has been a busy day (as I’m sure yours has also been). I could have posted after dinner, but I just had to go to the high school girls’ basketball game this evening. Our girls really excel at teamwork. It’s a joy to behold how well they work together. The game was hard-fought by talented gals on both sides, but, sadly, our team lost by 2 points in overtime. I believe the final score was 72 to 74.

I won’t list for you the other things that made this day so busy. Suffice it to say that a lot of necessary errands were run, children were taxied, and dinner was both prepared and eaten.

What I would like to do is tell you about a card game that one of the math teachers with whom I worked recommended to me. Two of the children and I “test drove” the game this past weekend and decided it’s one of the best. The game is called SET, “The Family Game of Visual Perception.” Twelve cards are placed face up on the table. There are three different shapes, three different colors, three possible shadings, and three possible numbers of shapes on a card. To form a set you look for things that are all ALIKE, or, things that are all DIFFERENT. The first person to spy a set, says, “Set!” and may take the set if he is able to satisfactorily explain to the other players why it IS a set.

There is a great website explaining more about this game, and other brain-challenging games as well. Did you know that SET affects your brain in some interesting ways?

At the earliest opportunity, I would like to get this game for our family, plus a closely related but more challenging game called Triology.

Have any of you played Set or Triology? If so, does your family enjoy the games?

4 Responses to “Ready, SET, go!”

  1. Kathie says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion! I have played SET once before- Triology looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Laura says:

    Not I. Perhaps next time we come to visit?

  3. Joyce says:

    Yes, Kathie; I very much want to try Triology now.

    Hi, Laura. You would be really good at SET, I think. Perhaps you could play it sooner? You would really like it!

  4. Amy White says:

    I have played SET since I was little! THis is a great game! I didn’t know about the right/left brain stuff until I read it on their website, thanks for the link!