Simple Sunday Cooking

We’ve been enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon.

After church this morning, an old friend came over to share the noon meal with us. His contribution to the meal was better than what we served him, though. He brought delicious Indian samosas, filled with a spicy potato filling, accompanied by a sweet sauce. Yum! Thank you, Paul!

I don’t usually do a lot of cooking or baking on Sunday, since I really appreciate having a day of rest, too. For this reason we often feast on left-overs on Sunday, serve a sandwich meal, or play catch-as-catch-can, which means, ‘Please fix yourself something to eat!’ (as opposed to me preparing a big meal for the family). This works well now that all the children are big un’s.

For a light supper before returning to church this evening, I prepared a simple, hearty, not-too-sweet dessert, Plantation Cake, which I’ve mentioned before on the old blog-olla. This time, though, I have some pictures for you. Also, this time I served it with a homemade lemon sauce and spreadable cream cheese, both of which are recommended in my old Betty Crocker Cook Book.

7 Responses to “Simple Sunday Cooking”

  1. vivian says:

    looks very yummy…now I am thinking of something to eat…and nothing looks as good as this ha ha

  2. Sarah says:

    It was so nice of you to have Paul over! Boy it sure is a long time since he and Bob used to come over every Sunday!

    I loved the picture of your old Betty Crocker Cook Book. You have made many a wonderful meal from that book!