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For Today…July 27, 2009

Outside my Window…it is truly summer! The sky is a clear, slate blue. As you look off into the distance, you can see the haziness which means high humidity. It should reach 90 degrees today. At 60% humidity, that feels mighty warm to those of us used to summer temps in the 70s/80s. There is a wee bit of a breeze, which we are augmenting with fans.

I am thinking…that my husband is going to want to go sailing during this lovely summer weather. Perhaps it’s not breezy enough out at the bay yet.

From the learning rooms…I have not yet read the 8th grade math books with which I need to be familiar before school begins again. I also want to review some books for the English Language Learners teacher at the middle school.

I am thankful for…God’s providential care over all His creatures, and His special care for His dear people (Romans 8:28). He tells us not to be anxious about anything for good reason.

From the kitchen…I am not allowed to use the oven today. I guess our company will be served ice cream for dessert this evening! For dinner I plan to serve coleslaw and shrimp.

I am wearing…my jeans skirt and a seersucker blouse. Perfect summer attire.

I am reading…I finished reading another book by Georgette Heyer, entitled Frederica. This book had some truly funny parts, involving younger brothers and a very large dog.

I am hoping…that daughter Rebecca learns a lot during her Presidential Classroom session this week in Washington, D.C. She is studying global health.

I am creating…this blog post.

I am hearing…the fan oscillating on high speed.

Around the house…there are dry, brown patches on the lawn. It has to get really hot and really dry for that to happen in northwest Washington.

One of my favorite things…is being edified by faithful sermons on Sunday. I am thankful for our pastor and our church.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…As my back is healing from a chronic sprain, I am planning on doing less reading, and more cleaning. I still am not to do any lifting, but my dirty refrigerator is calling to me!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

photo from reb

It looks like the weather is beautiful in Washington, D.C., too. Rebecca took this photo with her cell phone and emailed it to me.

Hostess Peggy says this about The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

Are you content to linger on the simple things of life…then join me in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those of us who are focusing on simplicity…the beauty of the everyday moments around us. That is my vision for this idea!

3 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook”

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, to have the opportunity to just go sailing on a whim! That’s not an opportunity that is very available in the Midwest. It’s funny to see the little things that are so commonplace for one family that sound so extravagant to another.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love the picture – speaks loudly. Hope you have a wonderful day and your back continues to heal!

  3. Susan B says:

    Wonderful picture! I enjoyed your daybook. I hope you back soon feels better.