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For Today…January 11, 2010

Outside my Window…It’s soggy. We are currently on Flood Watch due to the heavy rains which are expected to continue for the next few days. This uber wet weather is typical winter weather for us in the Pacific Northwest, but the warm temps (currently 48 degrees this evening) contribute to the snow melt which adds to the river water volume.

I am thinking…of going to bed as soon as this post is finished.

From the learning rooms…It was lovely to hear how well two sixth grade clarinet players did on their duet today. They’ve just started learning the piece for Junior Solo and Ensemble.

I am thankful for…our cozy home, and health and well-being for loved ones.

From the kitchen…Due to the crazy schedule this afternoon and evening, we just had sandwiches for dinner.

I am wearing…comfortable clothing. I especially like long sleeves that are long enough to cover my wrists. I just feel warmer that way.

I am reading…Madensky Square by Eva Ibbotson. I don’t enjoy her quite so much as Georgette Heyer, but this book has snagged my interest, so I plan to keep reading, even though the book I requested by Heyer is in at the library!

I am hoping…my elderly mother receives the financial aid she will need very soon. I plan to turn in the paperwork this week.

I am creating…this blog post.

I am hearing…the old doggie going upstairs. She believes it is time for bed, so will no longer lie by me here in the study.

Around the house…all the children have gone to bed. Smart kids!

One of my favorite things…is playing the spelling game Lexulous on Facebook. This is one reason I am up so late.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Our youngest son has lots of basketball practice sessions this week, and then a tournament in Seattle on Saturday and Monday. Excitement!

Our daughter who is doing Medical Tech Prep finds out if she is accepted for the second semester, which involves “externships”, this week. This would be a wonderful opportunity to begin working in medical settings in the community.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing with you…

Grandson Diederick and granddaughter Carly are having a splashing-good time in this photo snapped by their mommy.

Here is Carly snuggling little brother Koen.

Hostess Peggy says this about The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

Are you content to linger on the simple things of life…then join me in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those of us who are focusing on simplicity…the beauty of the everyday moments around us. That is my vision for this idea!

7 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook”

  1. Mom24 says:

    Hope there’s no flooding and that your Mom gets the help she needs. I also hope your son’s tournament goes well and that he, and all of you, have fun.

    Our dog decides bedtime too–it’s always earlier than ours. 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    I hope your daughter gets some good news about her acceptance.
    Flooding, yuck. That’s not nice.

  3. Melanie says:

    I sure hope you don’t have any flood problems. The photos are adorable! Have a great day.

  4. Susan B says:

    Hope everything goes okay with the flood watch, and there is no flooding.

    The pictures of your grandchildren are precious! Take care.

  5. Betty Diaz says:

    Hi Joyce, was so good to hear from you. sorry I have not been very good about posting. I am so happy for your daughter that is studying to be a CNA. We need more nursing assistants. I wish her the best.