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For Today…March 6, 2010

Outside my Window…Though it’s a chilly 36 degrees outside, I see a cheery robin hopping about, looking for his breakfast. There’s a gentle breeze trembling the new leaves of the wild plum bushes, and, best of all, BLUE SKIES!

I am thinking…that it’s much easier to compose a blog post in Word, but I will have to wait for one of my computer-savvy sons to set this up for me again. We had to reinstall Word, and now I’m quite inconvenienced. 😛

From the learning rooms…I have been learning more about the life and times of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, who successfully claimed the English throne in 1066.

I am thankful for…Such a beautiful day, and a little extra time off from school for the children (and me, too!). Our high school sent both boys’ and girls’ basketball teams to the State competition, so all students had Thursday and Friday off to accommodate all the families who attend the State competition.

From the kitchen…I won’t be cooking dinner tonight, since we plan to go out to one of our favorite restaurants tonight, the North Fork Brewery. Those who stay home will have leftover Tortilla Casserole. I prepared both ground beef and vegetarian versions of that dish last night.

I am wearing…jammies (lazy morning).

I am reading…The Conqueror by Georgette Heyer. What kind of woman was a perfect match for such an indomitable man? Read this interesting, fast-paced and historically accurate novel to find out.

I am hoping…that grandchildren Diederick, Carly and Koen are getting over their bad colds, and that their mommy Laura is feeling better, too.

I am creating… this blog post.

I am hearing…Seth and Debra watching an old episode of Chuck on the computer. I enjoy watching the show as well, which is a sort of combination of Get Smart and Mission Impossible.

Around the house…Daughter Rebecca and I did some weeding, and Seth pruned the apple trees, so the yard is looking better. It is high time for the first lawn mowing of the year to happen, but the mower hasn’t had its cleaning and tune-up yet.

One of my favorite things…is a quiet morning at home.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…Since I’m posting this on Saturday, what can I say except I’m looking forward to Sunday School and church on Sunday, and to seeing daughter Lydia, who has been at State with friend Courtney and her family.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

This photo of Lydia and Seth is fairly recent. This past Monday, Seth turned 14; Happy Birthday, Seth! 🙂

This photo of Seth was taken 13 years ago. As you can see, his computer literacy began at a young age.

Hostess Peggy says this about The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

Are you content to linger on the simple things of life…then join me in taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of those of us who are focusing on simplicity…the beauty of the everyday moments around us. That is my vision for this idea!

6 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook”

  1. amber says:

    Hi Joyce! My busy week went well, thankfully. I canceled one evening event due to working late, but basically it went as planned. Thanks for asking! I love the pictures of the kids drinking smoothies… I am drinking a pineapple-orange one as I type this, but theirs looks better. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook. Isn’t it great to take a few moments to ponder the simple things, regardless of what day of the week it is? Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. Dor says:

    Happy belated birthday to Seth! Their drinks sure do look tasty. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    Seth looks like a lovely chappy.

  4. storyteller says:

    Oh my … 36 degrees seems awfully cold to me! As for composing posts in Word, I’ve not been able to make that work for me but would love to know how it works because I find myself using the Blogger and WordPress editors because it’s what I know. Hope you enjoyed your dinner out. The tortilla casserole reminds me of a tasty dish with the same name that my mom used to make. Love the photo of Seth. Where did the time go?
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Susan B says:

    Hi Joyce,
    It was lovely to read your daybook. I’m glad to read that your family is doing well. Happy Birthday to Seth!! (Cute baby picture.) I hope Laura and her children are feeling better. We have sun and blue skies today…a nice change from the rain. Have a wonderful week!!

  6. Nancy Bond says:

    I love the daybook format of this post, Joyce! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, and for the lovely things you said about my blog. I’m happy that you visit often. 🙂