Simply Kind Tuesday


Surprise! Here is something other than a recipe!

It has been quite some time since I have participated in Simply Kind Tuesdays, so I’m doing that this evening.

The aspect of kindness about which I’m thinking this evening is family kindness.

Of course, the source of true kindness within a family is genuine love. If you’ve got that love, way down in your soul, it will come to the surface, somehow.

These are some instances of family kindness that I’ve noticed lately:

  1. When I tried a new recipe that wasn’t an instant ‘favorite’ with my husband, he suggested an addition to the recipe that he would enjoy. He suggested it the next day, not right after I had ‘slaved over a hot stove.’
  2. I feel very loved when my children tell me high points of their days at school.
  3. As a mom, I feel that it as a kindness even when my children share their sorrows and disappointments with me. It helps me know that they realize that I love them and care about them.
  4. It is kind to allay a child’s fears about something, perhaps a health matter, when this is possible, treating him with respect.
  5. Politeness surely goes a long way towards making kindness within the family evident. I remind myself to stop what I’m doing, look at my dear family member, and give him or her my full attention. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you!’, ‘Have a good day!’ and ‘How are you today?’ are all welcome tokens of kindness that I hear.
  6. I am thankful for the many kindnesses I witness my children showing to one another. My daughters often decide together on some fun thing to do, fix one another snacks, and just plain enjoy spending time together.
  7. My husband takes the time to train our youngest son how to work around the house, and also takes the time to toss the football or shoot the basketball with him.
  8. Our oldest son, though terribly busy with job demands, time and again has rescued me from computer problems.

We spend a lot of time with one another. I’m thankful that our home is a place where we all feel welcome, cared for, and appreciated. Kindnesses, little and big, have a lot to do with this agreeable state of affairs.


How about you, Friends? What examples of family kindness rejoice your soul?

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