Snow Day – Finally!

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We finally got our wish for a SNOW DAY! Well, part of a snow day. School was dismissed early today because of rapidly falling snow, and lots of wind.

On the way home from school, I first saw a two-car accident near the Nooksack City Park, then saw that some poor person’s vehicle had gone off the road and was front first in a ditch. Our son who came home on the school bus saw that a vehicle had gone into the ditch on the non-steep end of our road. I came up the steep S-curve with no problem, but our Suzuki Grand Vitara is nicely sure-footed when in 4-wheel drive.

Snow is supposed to continue tonight, and then tomorrow is predicted to be colder, down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s 18 to 20 degrees here just now, with wind from the ENE at 21 miles per hour.

That all means that tomorrow will truly be a SNOW DAY! Though this is what we have been wishing for, I have two regrets:

  1. Our daughter who lives about 20 miles from here is done with college for December. We would like to have her here with us, playing games and drinking hot cocoa, while keeping warm in front of the wood stove. She just called to let me know that she’s truly stuck at home. Both the alley behind her place, and the street are like sheets of ice.
  2. Our son has a dental appointment in the same slippery city tomorrow. This is one of those appointments that you make about three months in advance. My hope is that the office will be closed due to snow tomorrow. We’ll see. If I absolutely have to venture out, I’ll attempt to rescue our snow bound daughter at the same time.

How is winter treating you folks?

Is anyone out there keeping nice and warm with moderate temperatures?

Is anyone having way colder, stormier, snowier weather that you would like to talk about?

What does it take in your locale to get a SNOW DAY?

Our front yard, as seen through the office/study window, facing north.

Looking out the east window of the office, you see the van, which is non-drivable during this weather. It’s like a big ‘ice skate.’

This is looking west and south, to the back yard.

7 Responses to “Snow Day – Finally!”

  1. Lisa Burke says:

    Hi Joyce
    Snow Days where we live are only if it is -30 below or freezing rain has made the roads to bad.It isn’t very often there are snow days in Alberta.LOL I am glad you are safe and I hope your daughter gets to join you soon.
    your Canadian friend Lisa