Some Long Ago Photos

I hope to do a Haiku Friday post later on today. I don’t dare take the time to do it just yet, because I’m off to a late start, due to my relaxed morning thus far:

  • We all slept in, and awoke feeling refreshed.
  • We’ve been taking turns caring for/playing with/following the sweet little Deeder-man while his daddy is out exploring the local job market (hope, hope!)
  • After reading a portion of the Bible at Blue Letter Bible, I read Laura’s blog post about how she is doing while Darren and Diederick are here visiting us.
  • Next of course I made my moves on some Scrabulous games over at Facebook.
  • I chatted online with Laura and then with a friend who is coming over for a barbecue this evening with her family. She is a teacher at the Christian school that Laura and some of our other children attended for a while. Laura loved volunteering in her first-grade classroom, and this friend, Kay, wants to see little Diederick, of course. 🙂

Before I get to work, I’ll at least put up this long ago photo of Laura with Debra and Seth:

Here’s one of Seth and Laura:

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