Story Meme – Play Along!

My online friend Secret Agent Mama has been tagged by one of her friends to take part in writing a continuing story, one blogger at a time. Some call this a story meme, others call it a story virus. Virus sounds scary, so I’ll go with story meme. Let’s see. We need some rules:

  • Please include the portions of the story that have been written thus far, with links to the blogs of the prior authors, as well as your addition to the story.
  • Those who are so inclined are welcome to do some illustrations to accompany the story.
  • Have fun!

Let the storytelling begin:

Really, there’s nothing all that unusual about our dog. She’s got a cute doggie smile, bad breath, and a good nature. As she gets older, she spends more and more time sleeping, her legs twitching as she dreams of running somewhere or the other. My schedule is erratic, so I don’t get to take her for a walk every day, but she does dearly love a walk. I don’t dare say the word “walk” or even spell “W-A-L-K”, unless I’m prepared to be greeted by the overly enthusiastic mutt.

My first suspicion that something was up with the dog was a few days ago when I was busily putting in another load of laundry, and then headed to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher. I continued working but thought to myself, “OK. This is enough for now. It’s going to be dark soon. I’m taking the dog for a walk.” A few moments later I became aware of our dog, smiling her doggie smile at me and wagging her tail, as if to say, “Here I am! I’m ready to go on that walk!”

Now it’s your turn,





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