Sucia Island adventure

Our school district, like many others, is on spring break this week. My husband and our youngest son are taking advantage of this time off by going on their first overnight sailing adventure. Rick just sent me some photos via cell phone. I’m so excited that they arrived safely that I want to share these right away.

The guys launched from Birch Bay, WA and sailed 12 miles (a three-hour trip) over the Strait of Georgia to Sucia Island, a horseshoe-shaped island in the San Juan Islands, and site of a state park. Perhaps the entire island is a park? I’ll have to ask. Also, I’ll have to ask the guys what part of the island they are on.

As you can see from the photos, they’re enjoying a beautiful day.


This is in Birch Bay, waiting for the tide to come in just a bit more. There wasn’t an actual boat launch area.


They made it!



Seth running in front of the little Pelican sailboat.


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