I found this meme over at 4EverMom’s blog, and decided to play along. If this catches your fancy, please play, too!

What’s your favorite day of summer (June 1-Sept 1)?

Well, our wedding anniversary is July 3rd, so that’s a favorite day for us as a couple.

July 4th is a favorite family day, as we enjoy going to a local park for a concert, and then watching the firework displays.

What’s your favorite indoor activity during summer?

Firstly, I enjoy getting the house clean and organized, with the children’s help.

After that, we often enjoy relaxing together watching a funny or slightly romantic movie.

Favorite outdoor activity?

Close to home, I enjoy going for a walk, preferably with some of the children.

Further away from home, we are enjoying sailing in our 12-foot Pelican sailboat. I am solely a passenger, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The pool or the beach?

Usually we have a pool in the backyard, for quick refreshing dips. The beaches around here are rocky, so No to the beach.

Have you ever camped in a tent during the summer heat?

It is rarely hot here in the Pacific Northwest, even in the summer. The closest we came to camping during a summer was staying in a yurt along the Oregon coast. That was quite enjoyable, but the weather was a bit chilly, not hot!

Popsicles or ice cream?

Definitely ice cream!

What flavor?

Vanilla in first place, followed by intense chocolate, then by coffee flavored.

Do you help in your church’s VBS?

Our church takes a break from Sunday school during the summer, so NO.

Do you get bored during summer?

No way. I appreciate the extra time to get cleaning done, and do special things with the family. I also do more reading than during the school year.

Are you going anywhere this summer?

We will do the ‘staycation’ idea this summer, such as going sailing locally, and visiting with friends who don’t live too far away.

Is summer your favorite season?

Autumn is my favorite season, but I appreciate summer’s warmth and relaxed pace.

5 Responses to “Summertime”

  1. Fun! Thanks for playing along. I can’t imagine that it never gets hot there. We’re looking at low 90’s and high humidity today.

    What a fun Anniversary date.

  2. Melanie says:

    I definitely agree on your choices of ice cream. I’d put them in the same order! Have a lovely day!

  3. Sarah says:

    Cool idea – I love coffee ice cream! I think I’m a pool gal too, even though we have a lake in our neighborhood. I don’t like fighting the weeds…yukk!

  4. Barbara says:

    fun meme. I will have to try and do this one.
    A staycation sounds good to me. I think after all activites we’ve had lately, it would be nice to just all chill out together. however, dh would like to go somewhere.

  5. Susan B says:

    Dear Joyce,
    I enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. I totally agree…ice cream!! Yum!! :o) My mom’s birthday is on July 3rd. We’re having the family over for a birthday lunch. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful anniversary…and July 4th!