Sunday Musings

This has been a busy, enjoyable Sunday.

One of the blessings was seeing our pastor and his family again. They were back in church with us after their vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We missed them, and are thankful for their safe return.

The pastor’s sermon this morning was based on Numbers 20:1-13, the part in the history of the Israelites in the wilderness where Moses struck the rock to bring forth water for the thirsty people, rather than speaking to the rock, as God commanded.

The sermon was entitled ‘The Danger of Anger.’ Moses was frustrated with those grumbling children of God, and let them know it by his display of anger, rather than delivering the gracious message of God’s provision, trusting that the Lord would sanctify His people in His way, in His time.

The pastor applied this to church elders and to parents, who can become frustrated with those under their charge, when they don’t progress as hoped. Those in authority must beware of being motivated by anger or frustration. We all need to remember God’s graciousness to us. We look to Him for forgiveness of sins, remembering what Christ has done for us. We, likewise, are to extend that graciousness to others.

One thing I appreciate about our pastor’s sermons is that they are meant for the entire congregation, including the children and young people. We are a ‘young’ church, with possibly half of our congregation under the age of 18. (Now I will have to make the effort to count and see if that’s correct!) It is, therefore, very important that these young ones benefit from the preaching of God’s Word!

Today also we shared the role of ‘hospitality hosts’ with another family in the church, and had four families over to our home for enjoyable conversation, and a buffet meal (barbequed meatball sandwiches, salad, apple crisp, and date cranberry bars).

In about half an hour we leave for evening worship, where we look forward to hearing a sermon on Romans 14:1-12 entitled ‘A Warning Against Passing Judgment.’

I hope you all are enjoying a blessed Lord’s Day also.

4 Responses to “Sunday Musings”

  1. vivian says:

    I am in Bible Study Fellowship,maybe known to others as BSF. We are studing Moses and I can so relate to the struggles Moses incountered with others grumbling….I know your Pastor gave a good sermon and you gave us a terrific recap..Thank you and God’s blessing to you and your lovely family.