Sunday Thoughts

My daughter Laura (of faithful blogging renown) tells me I should consider resigning from the Blog 365 group. Thinking of things to blog about daily (she tells me – and I know she’s right) does NOT count as actually blogging daily, which is what I said I would try to do when I joined the group. Ah, well. I won’t resign just yet, not today, anyway.

We’re enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon here. A gentle breeze, so common in the fall around here, is gently ruffling the variegated yellow/green leaves of the birch trees outside my window. The sky is a bright blue. It’s a day of rare beauty, and yet here we remain, quietly, in the house. A couple of our folks are napping before it’s time to return to church in the evening. One daughter is at the dining room table, working on a book of reminiscences that she and her best friend are creating together. I hear grandson Diederick asking his Mommy if he may, “Ea(t), ea(t)!”

I am especially thankful today. I’m thankful for the beautiful day, of course, and thankful for the health to be able to enjoy it. I’m thankful for the dear family in the quiet house, and thankful for another day of life to enjoy their fellowship. For these blessings, and many more, I thank the Lord this Sunday.

I’m thankful for dear grandchildren with whom to interact. Maybe I’m feeling more responsible to make things homey and good for the little ones, and this keeps me from the old blog?

Here, at any rate, are some pics of the cuties, for your enjoyment.

(P.S. – Laura took the pictures. My camera is dead. 🙁 )

5 Responses to “Sunday Thoughts”

  1. storyteller says:

    You know what a fan I am of ‘making my own rulez’ about such things. I don’t think there are any Blog 365 ‘police’ … and if you want to count ‘thinking’ of things to blog about, I say more power to you … whatever KEEPS you blogging counts in my book.

    Sounds like a pleasant Sunday with many things to be thankful for. I love the pictures you included ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Laura says:

    Now I sound like the bad guy!
    Do stay on Blog365 and see what happens. 🙂 🙂