Sunday Walk

It has been a lovely day, this Sunday.

After several very rainy days, the sky has started to clear up. A few patches of baby blue sky are visible here and there. I just returned home from a quiet walk up our road, accompanied only by the old doggie and my thoughts. I noticed that the pale greeny-yellow leaves are still clinging to the wild hazelnut trees. Some dark green leaves remain on the blackberry vines. Other than that, most of the deciduous trees are now bare, their distinctive silhouettes apparent to all.

I also notice another effect of the past few days of ‘weather.’ Our internet is down. For us to have internet connectivity, my husband rigged a tall antenna atop our roof, and mounted the Clearw’re receiver to that. Technically, we’re outside the range of that provider, plus we’re surrounded by trees out here in the ‘boonies.’ Usually this jury-rigged system works to give us some dribble (or more) of connectivity, but with the recent incessant rains and the wind, the receiver isn’t pointing just the right way. This is such a minor problem, but I am hoping the internet connection comes back up in time for me to upload this post.

This is the last day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). It would be a shame (I’m just sayin’.) to post every day this month except the last.

OK! My husband did ‘something’ and the connection is back, so he says to post quickly while I can.

These pictures were taken by my daughter, Laura.

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