Sweet Roll Sweeties

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This week for Wordful Wednesday, I would like to thank my dear darlin’ daughters Lydia and Rebecca for making delicious sweet rolls for the family. Monday evening the girls mixed up the dough and shaped the rolls, then placed the rolls in the refrig overnight. When I got up early Tuesday morning, I took them out to warm up to room temp for a while. The rolls were baked and frosted in time for breakfast before school!

Both Rebecca and Lydia learned how to make these delicious rolls in the cooking class at the high school.

Rebecca took these photos with her cell phone:



5 Responses to “Sweet Roll Sweeties”

  1. Lyd says:

    OH NO! No one is supposed to see how scary I look in the morning!!!!! haha
    but thanks Momma, that’s sweet of you to post about it. 🙂 We should make more sweet rolls.
    I love you!