T I R E D, but here’s a post anyhow

Here is a quick little post, right before bed. It has been such a busy day; I am tired beyond all reason, but had to pop on the internet quickly to visit a few friends’ blogs and do a wee post myself before retiring for the night.

I was thankful today to move my mom from the extended care facility where she has been for the past two weeks (after having the generator in her pacemaker replaced) back to the lovely assisted living apartment which she has called “home” for the past year. Once there, she demonstrated for me her proficiency doing various tasks while using her walker, which is a good thing.

We think we have a good plan to strengthen her. She will have physical therapy twice a week and I will constantly be asking her if she is doing any walking besides just walking to the elevator to go to the dining room for meals.

I am also thankful:

  • to Rebecca for doing the laundry while I was out helping my mom,
  • to Lydia for cleaning up the kitchen,
  • to Debra for vacuuming the house, and
  • to all of them for feeding themselves “catch-as-catch-can” fashion, so I didn’t have to hear the lament, “What’s for dinner?” at 9p.m.

(Image from Snapshots of Joy)

4 Responses to “T I R E D, but here’s a post anyhow”

  1. Joyce says:

    Nice to hear from you, Marmee. Yep, helpful kiddos are the greatest! Bring ’em on. I REALLY needed the help, and appreciate it, too. 🙂