Tea with Merry


In a recent post, I told you a few things about my wonderful friend, Merry. Here’s a cute photo, taken during our latest visit, of the two of us enjoying a spot of tea.

Traveling is uncomfortable for Merry now, but in previous years, she and Ken would travel north to visit us a couple times of year. The children so looked forward to those visits, not just because they would get to see Ken and Merry, but because of all the goodies Merry would bring, such as doughnuts, root beer, lunch meat, cheese, and home canned fruit. So, when three of the older children and I went to visit Merry this time, we brought some goodies to her: Black Forest ham, sliced Muenster cheese, croissants, and some fancy cookies. But the best treat of all was the opportunity to visit with a good friend once again.

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