Ten Favorite Sports to Play or Watch

The prompt this week for Ten on Tuesday
is Ten Favorite Sports to Play or Watch.

I’ll start first with favorite sports to watch:

  • Our family enjoys cheering on our minor league basketball team, The Bellingham Slam. They are currently the Western Conference champs!
  • We enjoy going to our local high school basketball games. Both our boys’ and girls’ teams are fun to watch.
  • High school track meets are right on. One daughter wants to learn to pole vault. I can’t wait to see that. The other daughter likes to sprint and run in relays.
  • What about high school soccer? Two of our daughters are on the high school team, so those games are a must-see.
  • Our son in middle school is going to be our first child to play football, so I guess I’ll have to learn to like that sport, after having avoided it like the plague.
  • Some of the children have done figure and free style roller skating in prior years. That is one of my favorite things to watch.

Favorite sports in which to participate:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball (in the day). Now I’ll shoot baskets with the kids occasionally.
  • Table tennis
  • Does hiking count as a sport? Backpacking was a favored activity, again, in the carefree days of youth.

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