Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Clothing


For Ten on Tuesday, Yano asks, “What are ten favorite articles of clothing you own?” I don’t know if I have that many favorites, so I’ll begin with what I look for in clothing before it can become a ‘favorite’:

  • Comfort of fit and fabric. No scratchy tags, please.
  • Texture. I’m a nut for pleasing textures, such as chenille and nubbly knits.
  • No wool, as it is itchy for me
  • Modesty of cut, which means longer skirt lengths, pants not too tight, necklines not too low.
  • Comfortable shoes, so clogs or slides are favorites
  • OK. Now onto the favorites. My number one favorite clothing item is pajamas. My lavender waffle-weave PJs are my current favorites, since the weather is chilly. When our youngest son was little I would come home from shopping and ask, “Guess what Mommy bought you?” After a while, he would reply, “It’s not more pajamas, is it, Mommy?” I got a bit carried away with that until he brought it to my attention.
  • Silky black leggings. I find leggings so much more comfortable than tights, yet still nice and warm.
  • My hooded sweaters
  • Long-sleeved cotton/polyester tees. My red and teal tees are current favorites.
  • My dressy black skirt, because I can mix-and-match tops ad infinitum with it.

6 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Clothing”

  1. Sarah says:

    Good morning! I think I would have difficulty finding ten things that I LOVE in my clothing dept. Although, if I think about it, I probably have about 10 things that I actually wear so I could give away all the rest!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. I do love comfy clothes, they are my favorite 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂